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Tips for Beginners – How to Create Your First Online Store

As you already know, it’s practically impossible to be in the sales business nowadays without a fully functional website or an online store. Since, this is the case, almost every business owner has a website that represents his or her company online. Unfortunately, many of those business owners, create a website simply to have one, and as a result, there are numerous poorly designed online stores.

A poorly designed store does more harm than good when you think about it. You look unprofessional, and you waste time and money maintaining a website that doesn’t bring any revenue. So, if you want to have a quality online store, you’ll need to invest in it as much as you would in the appearance of your physical store.

Furthermore, don’t allow this to be a trial and error process, even if it is your first website. You can do this right from the very beginning, and the following article is here to help you out. Just follow these tips on how to create your very first online store that will do your image and business justice.

Picking your name

Well, it may not seem like something you should prioritize, but the name does play an important role, and once you pick a name for your site and register it, it is permanent. Many people simply go with the name they like, but when it turns out that they could have had a more visible online store if they’d picked something a bit different, they tend to regret their first decision. Bear in mind that this won’t play any major role, but it would be wrong to assume that it does not have any impact whatsoever.

 When you are picking a name of your site, it’s important that you pick a word that is connected to your product or service in some way (Bookdepository.com, Gamecentral.com, Dallasclinic.org, etc.). When you have a name like this one, you increase the chance of being suggested as a viable result, for someone who uses a search engine to find online stores that sell either books or video games, for example. Furthermore, it will be easier for people to remember the name of your website, if you name it in this fashion.

Website Theme

Alright, if you want your store to look good, and for you to look like a professional, then you need to choose an adequate theme for your website. You can go with WordPress as your web design platform, since you can easily learn its basics, and it already has a lot of pre-made themes that you can use. Since their themes are already good, all you need to do is select one that is specifically designed for an online store, and that you like the most.

However, there are also some other things you should consider when making this selection. You need to make sure that the theme you are opting for is actually fast. Meaning that your website will load faster for people who are browsing its contents. User experience and user satisfaction are strongly influenced by the page load time, so go through some articles that have already tested the speed of the WordPress themes you are interested in. Also, see if you can get a theme with an in-built SEO kit, since it will come in handy later on.

Web Hosting

Speaking of speed, your website theme is not the only thing that has influence over it. Web hosting has way more power over how fast your pages load. In other words, you need to be really picky when it comes to choosing a web hosting provider. There is something called content network distribution, and it basically uploads the content of your website to many different servers scattered around the world.

The users who are closer to a particular server do not experience any difficulties when browsing a website, whereas those who are far away wait longer for the page to load, since the server and their computer are having a difficult time communicating. With content network distribution, you eliminate those communication hindrances, and regardless of the user’s location, the experience they have on the site is undiminished.

It is for that reason that you need a quality web hosting service if you want to be a provider on a global scale. So, go through reviews of web hosting services, in order to ascertain which provider can meet your demands.

High quality visual content

Alright, so you have taken care of the theme and hosting, and the user experience is efficiently handled. Now you need to impress the visitors, in order to convert them into paying customers, and for that you’ll need high quality visual content. If you are selling items, then take more than one picture of the product, and from different angles. You need to use high definition camera, or simply use a tool to edit the photos, add some filters, and increase their quality.


In the event that you are selling houses or simply offer some services, like cleaning or crafting, then use high quality videos to present the fruits of your labor. Also, for real estate business it can be useful to have 360 camera, so that potential buyers can have a good look around. Additionally, you can create videos where you compare two products and review them, since buyers find these really helpful and useful.


Now that visual content is covered, you need to work on your visibility. Remember how it was mentioned that you should pick a specific name, and get a theme with an in-built SEO tool kit; well now these will come in handy. SEO helps you optimize your site, so that searchers can find it more easily. This however, requires you to place relevant content on your website and use a certain niche related keyword set, so that search engines can find you.

It would be ideal to add a blog section on your site. There you can upload quality and relevant content to help your users, and at the same time use that content to increase the ranking of your website and its visibility along with it. You can also start with a local SEO campaign, so that people from your town specifically can find you easier.

Basically when you use your keywords or product name, you also add the name of your location, like in an example Dallas Clinic, or Dallas Dentist, or New York hotels etc. Here is a guide on how to create content that will be deemed relevant and high in quality. Another thing worth mentioning, is making your site mobile-friendly. This will allow users to browse it via phone, and it will give you a good initial starting rank.

Lastly, you’ll need to have more external links that lead to your website. So, using the content from your blog you can create relevant links for other blogging platforms. This is why quality must be a priority, since you increase the chances of being featured as a part of another blog, and it will be far easier to approve the link if it is not perceived as spam, so the whole SEO campaign will go a lot smoother.

Social media marketing

Finally, you’ll need to reach out and market your product or services on social media. So, create an account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google plus. These need to be social network pages that represent your company, and you will post content from your website there as well.


So, pictures, videos, and blog posts are all viable sharing material. Also, you can pay to market that content to your target users. It is another way to make sure your product is seen, and hopefully, it will help you get some new customers.

As you can see, it’s not too difficult to get it right from the very start. Of course, there are a lot more details and specifications when it comes to web design and web optimization, but you need to think according to these guidelines. It is in your best interest to be perceived as a professional, and to be discovered in the first place. All of the aforementioned tips will contribute to that cause.

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